Soft Drinks

  • Coke, Diet Coke, 7-up, Fanta£2.50
  • Still Water small£2.50
  • Still Water large£5.00
  • Perrier sparkling small£2.50
  • Perrier sparkling large£5.00
  • Juices£2.50

Orange, Pineapple, Mango, Cranberry, Mixed

  • Ayran£2.50


  • Efes£3.95
  • Stella£3.95
  • Becks£3.95
  • Budweiser£3.95


  • Villa Doluca Rose175ml Glass £5.50 Bottle £21.95

A light bodied, fragrant rosé with notes of ripe cherries and fresh flowers on the palate


  • Villa Doluca White175ml Glass £5.50 Bottle £21.95

A delicate, refreshing white wine invoking aromas of pineapple, grapefruit and green apple

  • Çankaya Emir Narince Sultaniye£24.95

Fragrant, refreshing white with pleasant fruity notes and
moderate acidity

  • Kavaklidere Sade Emir£25.00

Rich, buttery, white fruit, citrus and vanilla notes

  • Paladin Pinot Grigio£25.00

Fresh, slightly dry, grape, lime, flower bouqet

  • Sarafin Sauvignon Blanc£31.95

Full bodied, hefty, fresh tropical fruits, pear, ripe apple


  • Villa Doluca Red175ml Glass £5.50 Bottle £21.95

An easy drinking, aromatic wine with notes of red fruits and spice on the palate. Unique blend of Merlot, Syrah and indegenious Anatolian grape, Okuzgozu

  • Kavaklidere Yakut£23.00

Ruby red, tannic, bold, structured, cherry, strawberry

  • Kavaklidere Sade Öküzgözü£25.50

Fine, dry, fresh, good body, cherries, wild berry fruits, violets, pepper

  • DLC Cabernet – Merlot£28.50

Refreshing, bold, Bordeaux blend, tannic, nuts, stone fruits, chocolate, sandal wood

  • Lo Tengo Malbec, Norton£29.00

Velvety, creamy, ruby red, long finish, fresh fruits, blueberry,
cinnamon, cherry

  • Sarafin Cabernet Sauvignon£33.00

Structured, high tannic, bold, ripe black fruits, clover