Mezeler / Starters


  1. Soup of the day (D) (G) 3.90
    Freshly made soup daily served with hot bread.
  2. Hellim (V) (D) 5.00
    Grilled Cyprus cheese grilled over charcoal
    Fried Cyprus cheese lightly floured then fried.
  3. Imam bayildi (V) (N) (D) 5.30
    Aubergines stuffed with onions, herbs, & bell peppers
  4. Falafel (V) (G) (D) 4.50
    A blend of chickpeas, broad beans, leeks, coriander, garlic & herbs.
  5. Patlican Kizartma (V) (D) 4.90

    Fried aubergines served with green & red bell peppers topped with a creamy garlic yoghurt.
  6. White Bait (G) (F) 4.80

    Tiny fish lightly fried with a squeeze of lemon.
  7. Karides Grill (F) (D) 6.30

    King prawns grilled & served on a bed of lettuce topped with a parsley & garlic sauce dressing.
  8. Karides Kavurma (F) (D) 6.80

    King prawns fried with garlic, parsley, tomatoes, green peppers & onions.
  9. Kalamari (G) (F) (D) 4.60

    Squid rings flavoured in crispy batter then deep fried.
  10. Sucuk 4.30

    Traditional Turkish garlic sausage, charcoal-grilled.
  11. Arnavut Cigeri (G) (D) 4.50

    Succulently diced lambs liver pan fried & served on a bed of onions.
  12. Icli Kofte (G) (D) 5.00

    Minced meat with parsley & onion, covered with crushed wheat & lightly fried.
  13. Kiymali Borek (G)(D) 5.00

    Filo pastry filled with minced meat, onion & parsley.
  14. Muska Borek (G) (D) (V) 4.80

    Filo pastry triangles stuffed with feta cheese, parsley & freshly fried
  15. Helim Borek 4.80

    Filo pastry filled with grated Helim, olive & onion


  1. Beyaz peynir (V)(D)  3.50
    White cheese made from goats milk served on a bed of lettuce.
  2. Humus shawarma (D)(N) 6.00
    Crushed chick peas, tahini (sesame paste), lemon juice & garlic with chicken or lamb shawarma on top
  3. Humus (V) (N) 4.50
    Crushed chick peas, tahini (sesame paste), lemon juice & garlic.
  4. Tarama (G) (F) (D) 4.30
    A blend of smoked cod roe, olive oil, & lemon.
  5. Cacik (V) (D) 4.50
    Pronounced jajik yogurt added with cucumber, mint & garlic to make creamy sauce dip.
  6. Patlican Salatasi (V) 4.90
    Pureed aubergines, prepared with lemon juice, olive oil & garlic.
  7. Tabule (V) (G) 4.30
    A mixture of parsley, tomatoes, peppers, spring onions & olive oil.
  8. Karides cocktail (F) (D) 5.50
    Prawns on a bed of lettuce covered with a seafood sauce.

1. Hot Meze (G) (D) 12.50
Hellim, Muska borek, Falafel, Sucuk, Arnavut cigeri & hot bread
ALL 5 DISHES ARE SERVED ON ONE PLATE (Ideal for one / two persons)

2. Hot Meze (G) (D) 13.50

Icli kofta, Potateo kofta, Kiymali Borek, Muska Borek, Falafel & hot bread
ALL 5 DISHES ARE SERVED ON ONE PLATE (Ideal for one / two persons)

3. Cold Meze (F) (D) (G) 11.00
Humus, Tarama, Cacik, Patlican salatasi, Tabule & hot bread
ALL 5 DISHES ARE SERVED ON ONE PLATE (Ideal for one / two persons)

Ana Yemekler / Main Course

We can even do platter dishes for friends and family to share. It’s a great way to try a variety of dishes. Platter dishes are served with choice of meat on top of a bed of rice accompanied with one large dish of salad.

Platter dishes are £6.50 plus the additional choice of dishes. Minimum of three dishes.

All salad dressing has (D) (G) + Mustard

Prise per dish / Price per dish for platter

  1. Yaprak Doner (D) £9.50 / £8.50
    House special lamb shawarma doner seasoned with fine herbs,served with rice & salad.
  2. Tavuk (chicken) Doner (D) £9.50 / £8.50
    House special chicken shawarma doner seasoned with fine herbs, served with rice & salad.
  3. Kuzu (lamb) Shish Kebab (D) £12.50 / £10.00
    Marinated cubes of lamb charcoal grilled, served with rice & salad.
  4. Tavuk (chicken) Shish Kebab (D) £11.50 / £9.50 
    Charcoal-grilled seasoned breast of chicken, served with rice & salad.
  5. Kuzu/tavuk mix (D) £12.00 / £10.00
    Chicken & lamb kebab mixed served with salad & rice.
  6. Adana Kofte £11.50 / £9.50
    Spicy minced lamb on skewers, grilled then served with rice & salad.
  7. Kaburga Tarak £10.50 / £9.00

    Charcoal grilled lamb spare ribs, served with rice & salad.
  8. Pirzola 15.50 / £14.00
    Tender lamb chops grilled on skewers served with rice & salad.
  9. Halep (G) (D) £11.50
    Spicy minced lamb prepared with a tomato based sauce served over a bread base with rice.
  10. Sirloin steak £16.00
    Charcoal grilled premium cut steak, served with chips & salad.
  11. Tavuklu Beyti (G) (D) £11.50 / £9.00
    Minced breast of chicken with garlic & parsley, served with rice & salad.
  12. Bildircin £13.00 / £10.00

    Grilled quails on skewers served with rice & salad.
  13. Tavuk kanat (D) £10.50 / £9.00
    Marinated chicken wings charcoal-grilled, served with rice & salad.
  14. Mix Grill (D) 15.00
    Selection of chicken shish and lamb shish, kofte, served with rice & salad.
  15. Chichen Mix (D) 17.00
    4 pices chicken shish, chicken doner, 2 chicken wings, 1 quail, served with rice & salad.
  16. Bird Mix (D) 16.50
    2 quails, 2 chicken wings, chicken doner, served with rice & salad.
  17. Mix 1 (D) 17.50 
    2 chicken wings, 2 lamb ribs, 1 lamb chop, chicken doner, lamb doner, served with rice & salad.
  18. Mix 2 (D) 16.00
    2 skewer lamb shish, 1 lamb chop, chicken doner, lamb doner, served with rice & salad.
  19. Mix 3 (D) 18.00
    Chicken doner, lamb doner, 4 pieces chicken shish, 1 skewer lamb shish, 1 lamb chop, served with rice & salad.
  20. Ottoman special (D) 19.50
    1 lamb chop, 2 lamb ribs, lamb shish, adana, 1 chicken wing one quail served with rice & salad.

Yogurtlu Kebabs/ Kebabs with Yoghurt

All dishes come with a crispy fried bread base topped with a home made fresh tomato based sauce layered with the meat dish of your choice finished with yoghurt & butter sauce.

  1. Iskender (G) (D) 11.00
    Lamb or chicken doner kebab served with rice.
  2. Yogurtlu Adana (G) (D) 11.00
    Grilled spicy minced lamb served with rice.
  3. Yogurtlu Beyti (G) (D) 11.00
    Grilled spicy minced lamb with garlic served with rice.
  4. Yogurtlu Cop Shish (G) 11.00
    Grilled cubes of lamb served with rice.
  5. Yogurtlu Tavuk Shish (G) 11.00
    Grilled cubes of chicken served with rice.
  6. Yogurtlu Tavuk Beyti (G) 11.00
    Minced breast of chicken with garlic & parsley, served with rice & salad.

Balik / Seafood

  1. White Bait (G)(F)(D) 11.20
    Lightly fried tiny fish eaten whole with lemon served with chips & salad.
  2. Karides Kavurma (D) (F) 15.00
    King prawns fried with garlic, parsley, tomatoes, green peppers & onions. Served with salad and chips
  3. Karides Grill (D) (F) 13.50
    Grilled king prawns, served with chips & salad.
  4. Salmon Steak (F) 14.50
    Grilled salmon, served with chip & salad.
  5. Grilled Sea Bream Fillet (F) 13.50
    Grilled Sea Bream, cooked over coats, served with chips & salad.
  6. Grilled whole Sea Bass (F) 14.50
    Grilled whole sea bass served with chips & salad.
  7. Kalamari (G) (F) (D) 10.95
    Deep fried battered squid rings served with chips & salad.

Vegetarian Dishes

  1. Vegetarian Musakka (G)(D)(V) 10.00
    Aubergines, courgettes, potatoes topped with béchamel sauce served with salad.
  2. Imam Bayildi (N) (V) (D) 10.00
    Oven baked aubergines stuffed with onions, tomatoes & green peppers served with yogurt, salad and rice.
  3. Falafel (V) (G) (D) 9.40
    A blend of deep froed chickpeas, broad beans & herbs, served with humus & salad.
  4. Patlican Kizartma (V) (D) 10.00
    Fried aubergines & green peppers with a yoghurt & garlic sauce served with salad.

Salata / Salads

  1. Feta Cheese Salad (D)(V) 5.50

    Mixed salad with olive oil topped with feta cheese.
  2. Yesil Salata (V) 4.50
    Mixed green salad
  3. Ezme Salatasi (V) 6.00
    A spicy mix of onions, peppers, tomatoes, parsley, drizzled with olive oil & lemon juice.
  4. Parsley, Tomato & Onion Salad (V) 4.50
    Diced tomatoes, onions, parsley & a drizzle of lemon.
  5. Coban Salatasi (V) 5.00
    Cucumber, tomatoes, onion & parsley all diced up & mixed with olive oil, lemon & a hint of salt.

Set Menus (V) (N) (E) (D) (F)

  1. Mixed Meze & main (for 2 people) 38.00

    Come with salad & rice.
    A choice of three hot starters
    Sucuk, arnavut cigeri, Hellim, Muska Borek, Kalamari, Helim Borek & Falafel.
    A choice of three cold starters
    Humus, cacik, tarama, tabule, beyaz peynir & Patlican Salatasi
    Choice of two Main Meals
    Chicken Shawerma, Lamb Shawarma, Chicken Shish, Lamb Shish, Adana Kofte, Lamb Ribs, Chicken Wings.
    Dessert: 3 pieces of Baklava

Cocuk Menu / Kids Menu

Served with salad and a choice of rice or chips. (Under 14 years of age only)

  1. Burger (D) (G) 7.00
  2. Chicken Burger (D) (G) 7.00
  3. Chicken Nuggets (D) (G) 7.00
  4. Chicken Shish or chicken doner (D) 7.00
  5. Lamb Shish or lamb doner (D) 7.00

Side Orders

  1. Rice (G) (D) 2.00
  2. Chips (V) 2.50
  3. Yoghurt (D) 2.80
  4. Bread (G) (D) 1.50
  5. Olives (V) 2.80
  6. Onion rings (V) 2.00

If you suffer from a food allergy or intolerance, please let your server know upon placing your order. To help, our easy to use guide covers the most common allergens as well as suitability for vegetarians. Please ask our staff for more information as we have a full allergens menu.

(D) Dairy / (F) Fish / (G) Gluten / (N) Nuts / (V) Vegetarian

All salad dressing has (D) (G) + Mustard
All fried products may contain flower as it’s cooked in same oil


Our bread contains sesame seeds